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TR6 Frame Repairs

In the course of servicing sports cars, we have the opportunity to view all sorts of repairs, good and bad.  TR6's are one group of cars that often suffer the indignity of poorly repaired frame sections.  The TR6 has a weakness in the "X-Frame" area and the outriggers that provide the suspension pickup point for the rear trailing arms.

We have seen cars so rotten in this area that the trailing arms pull away from the frame or the car collapses to the point that the doors don't operate correctly.

We have also seen cars that have had the rot covered with thin, tar and pop rivets and others that look like they have been repaired by steel workers using heavy guage "c-section" or box tubing, but usually with poor welding and worse rear suspension geometry.

Recently, a customer brought in a '72 TR6 that he just purchased for a safety check, new tires and general preparation for the coming season.  On inspection, the car was generally good.  This car was a "survivor".  It had undergone some body and paintwork about 15 years ago.  There had not been any frame repairs made and the frame looked good initially.  The self-oiling tendencies of the TR had soaked the frame and the previous owner's mechanic had sprayed oil into the frame.  However 37 years had taken their toll.  A sharp instrument soon found holes in the bottom of the frame above the x-plate and throughout the inner half of the right side outrigger.

The only thing to do was to re-construct the outrigger and replace the frame bottoms and the "X-plate".  Once the repair was carried out and painted and the suspension back in place, the wheels were aligned and the car is now safe and ready for another 37 years.

We encourage all TR6 owners or potential owners to carefully asses this area of the frame.

Frame outrigger with 50% of repair complete - note sleeves for trailing arm bolts and internal box braces in place - this is not a simple repair!

Note that X-plate has been removed to expose holes in frame rails.

Frame box-sections with new bottoms in place.


Finished with new "X-plate", painted and ready for another thirty-seven years

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